Varsity Boys Soccer · Boys Soccer Open Season with a Win

The Elks opened their 2013 campaign at Troy Memorial Stadium, with both squads showing up ready to play.  Troy threatened with a free kick midway through the half, but Captain Justin Niswonger made the ball disappear with a textbook gut-catch.  Minutes later a Cameron Zengel throw in to a Captain Michael Spangler header drilled the right post but glanced away.  Another Zengel to Spangler throw in had promise with 12 minutes left in the half.  Chris Eubel then took a shot that sailed just over the crossbar.  Jarrod Ferstl’s breakaway opportunity ended when he was taken down from behind in the box.  With the announcer’s countdown to half at 6 seconds, Mitch Crompton released a shot from the 25 that sailed over the top leaving the halftime score at nil-nil.

Just a minute into the second, Niswonger made a confident catch of a Trojan throw in.  Minutes later a beautiful arching cross by Captain Andrew Ludwig switched the field and found Zengel who made a perfect 1-touch reception and strike to give the Elks a 1-0 lead.  A throw in sequence next culminated in an Aaron DeVilbiss shot on frame, caught by the keeper.    Minutes later Zengel wowed the crowd by scooping the ball with the top of his foot and tossing it to Brian Flynn who closed the deal to add to the Elks advantage.   Neil Banerjee emerged from the pack to make an exciting diving header, but the keeper was ready for it.  Andrew Mirrow made a line drive shot to the keeper whose bobbling successfully dissipated the ball’s raging momentum.   Next the ball pinballed around from Luddy  to Troy Barklay to feisty Ferstl who snatched the ball from the air with a spinning volley shot that emphatically netted for a 3-0 Elk lead.   Ferstl later beat his defender and forced a keeper bat-down of a powerful line drive.  Zach Skerl showed great judgment by denying a long range Trojan shot by punching it over the top.  Karan Naik made his first entry into the stats log by assisting a Ferstl scoring blast from point blank range.   Then Naik added a goal by overwhelming the keeper on a subsequent penalty kick that earned the Elks a 5-0 advantage.  Skerl was outstanding in the closing minutes of the game, saving an airborne shot from the sideline 18 and then plucking away another Trojan shot from the 30.   In the closing seconds, Fersty was thirsty for a hat trick as he took the ball from the corner through traffic and sent a blast sailing across the front of the goal and just wide.  The 5-0 shutout victory initiates a 1-0 Elk season record.