Elks News · CHS Athletics to Spearhead Weight Room Project

             The landscape of Centerville Athletics has changed dramatically over the past three years, but the one constant is the never-ending desire to pursue excellence.  The Athletic Department supports this pursuit by centering on three core values.  The first of these values is humility, the ability to put the needs of others above your own personal needs.  The second core value is to embrace and respond to adversity in an appropriate manner.  We are all aware of the great lessons that athletes learn through athletics.  How they choose to handle adversity will serve as a microcosm of their ability to deal with life’s challenges once they leave CHS.  The last core value is a relentless desire to improve.  CHS athletics has reached its’ current level of success because the coaches, athletes, and community buy into the philosophy that nothing is handed to you in life and you must work hard for what you want in life.

                The desire to improve has led Athletic Director Rob Dement to evaluate where CHS Athletics currently stands and to improve on that high level of success.  During the last two and one-half years, Mr. Dement has met with staff, coaches, community members, and alumni to prioritize areas that need improvement.  The weight room is a space where athletes of all skill levels improve each day and some truly world-class athletes have trained.  In 1993, the Gunlock family graciously provided their support to make the current weight room possible but since then few significant improvements have occurred.  Again, the equipment and the room have more than served their purpose, but after much input, Mr. Dement believes this is an area that must be updated in order for our athletes to remain competitive.

                Mr. Dement is looking to privately fundraise for this improvement and already has over a $30,000 committed from boosters whose teams utilize the weight room or see value in making this improvement.  The total cost of the project will be between $80,000 and $100,000 and upon completion CHS would once again have one of the finest High School weight rooms in the State of Ohio as we did in 1993.  If you are interested in partnering with the Athletic Department to help this vision become a reality, please contact Mr. Dement at 439-3517 or at rob.dement@centerville.k12.oh.us  Please feel free to stop by the Athletic Department to see the drawings of the finished project.