Varsity/Reserve Girls Cross Country · CGXC Competes Confidently in a Muddy Mess at McGowan

The word of the day on Saturday was mud!  Lots and lots of mud!  Saturday’s race at the McGowan Invitational in Pataskala, Ohio just may have been the muddiest race that the CGXC runners have ever experienced.  But the rain and the mud did not dampen the spirits nor the efforts of these amazing athletes.  They found their footing through the support of their teammates, and they battled the elements together in a day of racing they will not soon forget!

The first race of Girls Reserve runners for CGXC brought home a 3rd Place team finish with strong performances from a senior, a junior, 2 sophomores and a freshman:

Caitlyn Cunningham, 24:04 (6th)
Muriel Van Schagan, 24:17 (8th)
Meighan Scarpino, 24:51 (16th)
Isabella Northerner, 24:52 (19th)
Skylar Archer, 25:08 (24th)

Having watched their teammates tackle the course, the Girls Reserve Team was prepared to handle the hardest sections of the field and stormed across the finish line in a solid second place finish, led by seniors Brenna Lankford and Kalie Adrian:

Brenna Lankford, 23:21 (5th)
Kalie Adrian, 23:38 (7th)
Claire Maxwell, 23:47 (11th)
Leah Vanbeysterveldt, 24:26 (18th)
Madison Ernest, 24:30 (20th)
Priya Verma, 25:00 (24th)

CGXC takes to the the road next week with an overnight trip to Kentucky to compete for the second year in the Trinity-Valkyrie Invitational, one of the premier meets in the Midwest.

Good luck, Ladies!  Run fast! #CrossTheThreshold