Elks News · Centerville Athletics Partners with Orion Sports Medicine With An Assist From Premier Health

Premier Health has been providing Sports Medicine care for our athletes for almost 8 years and recently Premier Health created a partnership with Orion Physical Therapy located in Miamisburg on Byers Road.  The partnership between Premier Health and Orion has allowed Centerville Athletics to create a partnership with Orion beginning the 2019-2020 school year. You can visit the following website to check out Orion https://oriontherapy.com/

This partnership will provide all of our programs with professionals that will both assess our athletes as well as supervise and provide strength and conditioning programs for all of our teams.  The Orion staff will be in our weight room every day we have school for approximately 3 hours providing the expertise needed to help our teams train at a much higher level. Our coaches have and still do a tremendous job in the weight room but this is a game-changer for our programs to have this type of a resource every day in the weight room.

This partnership between Centerville Athletics and the Sports Medicine Division of Orion Physical Therapy Specialist includes a comprehensive physical examination that includes a clinical, biomechanical, and functional tests and measures. This evaluation helps the Orion team in designing a program that is tailored not only to a particular sport, but more importantly to the individual athlete. This evaluation helps to maximize athletic performance and to avoid or minimize the potential for injury. These assessments will take place throughout the summer at the Orion facility and the cost will be $10 for each athlete. Each sport will be given specific test dates and information that will be shared with all of the athletes. This is the only cost to our athletes for this service.

Many of our athletes train individually off-site with their own trainers and we are certainly not trying to end those relationships, we are just trying to provide this service to ALL of our athletes and help each of them maximize their potential through this partnership. Orion will continue to use the PLT4M App as the delivery mechanism for their programming to our athletes. This will be a work in progress and we will all learn as we go. This will not be perfect but to have this kind of a partnership for all of our athletes is just incredible. I cannot thank Premier Health and Orion Physical Therapy enough for their willingness to think outside the box to provide this kind of service to our athletes here at Centerville High School. This is such an awesome opportunity!