Varsity Boys Soccer · Boys varsity Soccer Handles The Birds

Boys Varsity Soccer defeated Fairmont 8-1 on the road Tuesday night, putting the game away with a 3-goal flurry within a 59 second period early in the 1st half.  Goals/assists were credited as follows:  (1) Zach Horwitz (Alexander Weller) (7:21); (2) Anthony Huelsman (Brock Biederman) (8:00); (3) Jacob Bean (Aleks Thomas) (8:20); (4) Fairmont (9:36); (5) Rohan Dhingra (Cody Potgieter) (31:40); (6) Isaiah Massey (Rohan Dhingra) (37:17); (7) Zach Golden (Rohan Dhingra) (59:23); (8) Kaden Combs (Landon Dull) (63:30); and (9) Zach Horwitz (Kaden Combs) (79:50).  Varsity improves to 3-4-1 on the season and 3-1-0 in the GWOC.

JVA defeated Fairmont 8-1, having taken a commanding 6-0 lead at halftime.  Goals/assists were credited as follows:  (1) Griffin Laipple (Andrew Nangle) (00:56); (2) Andrew Nangle (Griffin Laipple) (3:23); (3) Nate Gottron (Andrew Nangle) (9:54); (4) Jace Jones (Andrew Nangle) (13:17); (5) Max Bean (Spencer Miller) (32:02); (6) Julian Gwinn (Brendan Reid) (35:25); (7) Nate Gottron (Andrew Nangle) (42:30); (8) Fairmont (52:40); (9) Jace Jones (unassisted) (71:40).  JVA improves to 4-2-2 on the season.

JVB continued their winning streak with a resounding 8-0 over the Northmont Thunderbolts.  The first half proved ruthless as the Elks scored 5 goals.  Myles Kirksey assisted the first goal of the evening to Micah Gruenberg (9:00).  The second goal was Micah Gruenberg assisting Mason Dull (15:38).  Sam Wooley set up a corner kick completed by a header into the net by Myles Kirksey (25:16).  The fourth goal of the first half was Myles Kirksey assisted by Mason Dull (27:05).  Jax Ware shut down the first half with an unassisted goal (28:15).  Early in the second half, Shay Verma assisted a goal to Mason Dull (36:57).  To complete the scoring, Ethan Rardon assisted Trevor Eads.  At some point, Northmont handed the Elks an own goal.  Diego Gamero and Paulie Wilkens combined for the shutout.  JVB improves to 3-2-2 on the season.

On THURSDAY, JVB travels to Northmont High School to take on the Thunderbolts for the 2nd time within 48 hours.  Kick-off is at 6:00 p.m.  Northmont High School is located at 4916 National Road, Clayton, OH 45315.

On SATURDAY, Varsity and JVA host the Alter Knights for one of the biggest, most-anticipated games of the season.  JVA kicks-off at 11:00 a.m., followed by Varsity at 1:00 p.m.  It is Alumni Night.  Alumni will be recognized at half, and an Alumni game will follow the Varsity game.