Elks News · Centerville Athletics Update

I would like ask that everyone connected to the Centerville Athletic Family to please take the next 3 weeks to just hit the pause button and spend time with your family.  The practicing, training, lifting, scrimmaging, games and tournaments are all extremely important but nothing is more important than your health and well-being.  What we are experiencing will be temporary and I know may result in some schedule changes that will cause some disappointments but just take a step back and realize we are all dealing with a situation that is new for all of us.

The OHSAA has suspended all Winter tournaments that are still ongoing as well as placed a no-contact period in place during this shut-down. I know how dedicated all of you are and how hard it is going to be to not be working on your skills as you normally do.  I suggest that you get creative and if you are going to train do so in a manner that keeps you and all of those near to you safe.  Remember, wrestlers are still competing and are in-season and Spring Athletes have all began to practice with your school teams so none of you are permitted to participate with any non-school entity or team. There will be some who will have no issue being careless during this time and willing to do their own thing, stay clear of those people and follow the rules. When we are able to return safely all athletes will be given time to get back into the swing of things, we will not just start or end a season, there will be a defined preseason for Spring and practice time for our wrestlers to prepare.

Let’s all just be here for each other and make the most of this situation that is honestly out of all of our control. I will be updating you as information continues to be shared.