Multiple Teams · Scholar Athlete Special Awards Presented Over Zoom

The annual Scholar Athlete ceremony, which is typically held in the Performing Arts Center, was unable to be held this evening due to the pandemic.  249 junior and senior student-athletes would have been celebrated this evening, not counting any who would have qualified for first year status after the spring, which more than likely would have pushed the total to a record-breaking more than 300 honorees.

In its place this evening, the senior Special Award winners were celebrated in a ceremony held on Zoom which unfortunately could not host every single Scholar Athlete.  The winners were unveiled one at a time and given the opportunity to say a few words if they so desired.

The Master of Ceremonies this evening was Athletic Director Rob Dement.  Saying a few words at the beginning were Superintendent Dr. Tom Henderson and Centerville High School Coordinating Principal John Carroll.  Also saying a few words was a surprise guest, the Executive Director of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, Mr. Jerry Snodgrass.

Prior to diving into the awards, special recognition was given to the 2019-2020 boys bowling team who finished as state runners-up and to senior, Tennessee-bound swimmer Nicola Lane, who won two state championships this year in the 500 yard freestyle and the 100 yard backstroke.

Next up, this year’s two, three-sport athletes were recognized and informed they would be receiving the blanket which has become the tradition of that award.  The two student-athletes who earned three varsity letters this year both ran cross country in the fall, were members of the swim and dive teams in the winter and ran track in the spring.  These two young men are Dylan Flaute and Camden Kime.

The first awards of the evening were our GWOC All-Academic teams which are the top ten male and female senior varsity athletes in terms of GPA rank in their class.  There were actually 11 girls honored due to a virtual tie.

The female honorees were:

#10 – Madison Earnest – 4.3667
#9 – Ella Snead – 4.3924
#8 – Sarah Zipes – 4.4358
#7 – Nicola Lane – 4.5212
#6 – Abby Kuper – 4.5395
#5 – Morgan Sidwell – 4.5526
#4 – Kerri Walsh – 4.5962
#3 – Kristen Bell – 4.6177
#3 – Dalia Einstein – 4.6189
#2 – Samantha Ross – 4.6831
#1 – Heather Murray – 4.8331

The male honorees were:

#10 – Ethan Galbraith – 4.3181
#9 – Michael Collins – 4.3666
#8 – Connor Hundley – 4.4311
#7 – Matthew Stuber – 4.4800
#6 – Nikhil Desai – 4.5438
#5 – Zachary Horwitz – 4.5528
#4 – Isaac Einstein – 4.6898
#3 – Rishi Appalaneni – 4.8187
#2 – Jerrick Liu – 4.8991
#1 – Tairan Zhang – 5.0442 – also the 2019-2020 CHS Valedictorian

The next several awards were chosen after nominations received from the varsity coaching staff.  These awards show these student-athletes went the extra mile for their teams and always put team goals ahead of their own.

The Archie Griffin Award for Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity was presented to two male and two female student-athletes who went above and beyond in their efforts to promote sportsmanship, ethics and integrity within their respective teams and the entire school.

Those award winners were:

Male Winners: Bryce McMahon and Mo Njie
Female Winners:  Emma Stanley and Maddie Welsh

The Terry Wieland Character Award was presented to two well deserving student-athletes, one male and one female, who displayed qualities of scholarship, leadership, honesty, determination, enthusiasm and respect for coaches, teachers, parents and peers.

This year’s winners were:

Male Winner – Jeremy Davidson                                Female Winner – Kerri Walsh

The NFHS Award of Excellence was presented to two male and two female student-athletes who displayed exemplary sportsmanship, ethics and integrity and embodied good citizenship, good moral character and good sporting behavior.

This year’s winners were:

Male Winners – Nikhil Desai and Connor Hundley
Female Winners – Lauren Bastian and Emma O’Brien

The OHSAA State Award for Exemplary Contribution and Service was presented to one staff member and one student-athlete in honor of everything he has done for the student-athletes and coaches and for what the student has done outside of his sport with the 2nd and 7 reading program.

These winners were:

Staff – Chet Blevins, West Unit Custodian                 Student – Luke Knopf

The OHSAA Courageous Student Award is presented annually to a student who has overcome great adversity, gone above and beyond in their efforts to help someone or has displayed courage against overwhelming odds.

This year’s winner was:

Brock Biederman

The United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award is presented annually to two senior, varsity student-athletes, one male and one female, who are exemplary citizens and role models who exhibit courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership.

This year’s winners were:

Male Winner – Avery Bair                                             Female Winner – Nicola Lane

The EPND Scholar Athlete Award was presented for the first time tonight and replaces the US Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Award which was ended after a run of 43 years at the end of last school year.  This award is given to two seniors, one male and one female, who best exemplify the motto “Elk Pride Never Dies.”

This year’s winners were:

Male Winner – Ben Wesney                                          Female Winner – Abby Kuper

The next two awards were based strictly on the students’ academic performance in high school and were not nominated by their coaches.

The OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award is presented to one male and one female varsity athlete with the highest GPA in their class who also earned a minimum of three varsity letters in one sport or four or more in a combination of more than one sport.

This year’s winners were:

Male Winner – Rishi Appalaneni                                 Female Winner – Samantha Ross

The CHS Scholar Athlete of the Year is presented to one male and one female student-athlete who have the highest cumulative GPA in their class and earned at least two varsity letters in their career with one coming in their senior year.  These student-athletes must also have followed the Co-Curricular Code of Conduct throughout their careers.

This year’s winners were:

Male Winner – Isaac Einstein                                       Female Winner – Dalia Einstein

The official program listing all of this year’s Scholar Athletes can be downloaded by clicking here.

The video presentation of tonight’s special awards ceremony can be viewed by clicking here.

Congratulations to all of tonight’s Special Award winners and to all of our 2019-2020 Scholar Athletes and their families.

To you seniors, best of luck to each and every one of you as you start the next chapter of your lives.

You will all be missed!