Elks News · Private Funding Leads To Softball Field Updates

The Centerville softball field has been slowly receiving some tender loving care from Darryl Edwards who has been intrumental in the updates to our baseball complex known as Booster Park.  Mr. Edwards has helped to build fan viewing decks in the outfield, new batting cages and a new bullpen area for the softball complex.  With the leadership of new head coach Wendell Hutchinson, assistant coach and softball parent club member Mark Schutter and Darryl Edwards the softball program has been able to raise privately enough funds to do a huge upgrade of the complex.

Through the efforts of this leadership team along with other softball parents this group has almost $40,000 in seed money and have been granted permission by the District to move forward with this improvement project.  Both dugouts will come down along with the entire backstop area.  The new dugouts will be moved further down towards the outfield and back a little and a new brick backstop with a netting system will be intalled along with new 6 foot fencing out to the outfield fence on both sides.  This will allow for the fans to finally have a full line of site of the entire field from behind the backstop.

The cost of this project not including the fencing is estimated at approximately $60,000.  The softball parent group will finance the reamining amount needed to complete the project.  They would love to not have to do that so if there is anyone that might be interested in donating and partnering with them please let us know.  The Athletic Department is going to help by making sure the financing can happen if needed and helping to pay for the fencing needed to complete the project once the new dugouts and backstop are installed.  With these unprecedented times and funds not available from the District it is creative funding like this that can make improvements like this happen.  A huge thank you to all who have helped make this possible.  Again, please share that there are no tax payer dollars being used to make this project happen!