Elks News · Elks To Compete With Only GWOC Schools This Fall

On Wednesday, July 29th, all GWOC Superintendents, Principals and Athletic Directors met at Beavercreek High School to discuss the current state of athletics and how, as a league, we wanted to try and move forward safely this fall.  The group came to the unanimous decision that it would be in the best interest of all of our athletes to compete with only league schools this fall.  This allows the eight schools to agree upon the same protocols and expectations of student-athletes and fans across the board and allow for greater flexibility with scheduling.  The new schedules will be out soon and I will have them entered on the website as soon as possible.

One of the concerns that have been expressed with this decision is our teams will not be able to participate in OHSAA post season play.  That is not true.  All of our teams will be eligible to compete in the OHSAA tournaments and football will be able to qualify for the playoffs with the seven-game schedule should they have a great season.  The OHSAA understands most likely no teams will be able to play ten football games so the Harbin points will be computed differently this year so the number of games played will not hurt or help you.  Should football be able to get all seven games played as scheduled and not have to use weeks 8-10 for any make-up games, we will play additional games against the GWOC based off of seeding which will not count for league standings or playoff points.

The group was able to get creative and build schedules which provide our athletes the opportunity to play a full schedule if we are able to compete the entire Fall.  Now all we need is a little luck and for things to start heading in a great direction so our kids can play.  I believe you will see other leagues begin to follow this model as it provides the best opportunity for schools to work together and hopefully give our kids their Fall season.