Elks News · Basketball Tickets For Boys/Girls Varsity Home Games Will Be Limited

Just like in the Fall where our capacity for events was limited, the winter will have even more limitations due to the events being indoors. We have learned a lot from this Fall and we feel we have a great plan that will allow all immediate family members of players, coaches, trainers and cheerleaders to attend all home games. Away games will be a different story. We will also provide live coverage of all events at all levels thru the TKDS Sports Network. We will do this by allowing folks to buy a $20 weekly pass that will allow 5 different streaming devices to work at the same time. This will allow more flexibility and not as much of a financial commitment to purchase games that you would like to watch live. This will be a great way for all the Elk basketball fans to watch all of our home games live.

Capacity for our gymnasium during this winter for fans is set to a maximum of 300 people. Our league(GWOC) has agreed that we will provide each visiting school a total of 80 tickets for them to distribute amongst their players, coaches, and trainers.  This will leave approximately 220 total tickets for us to sell for home varsity events(Boys/Girls). Our plan is to share with our basketball families this week for both boys/girls programs the opportunity to purchase a pass for all varsity boys and/or girls basketball home games. These passes would allow you to attend all levels of games for these events(9th/JV/Var). We are going to ask that each family please fill out the form indicating how many seats you would like to purchase. Please understand that we only have 220 or so seats available for each game so we are asking you to keep your requests to immediate family members only. If you purchase a pass and are unable to attend we understand that you will share your pass with someone else of your choice. Our goal here is to control attendance and cut down on game day sales.

Here are the types of passes we are offering:

All 10 Boys Home Games Only:  $60 per seat

All 9 Girls Home Games Only:  $54 per seat

Combo Pass for All 19 Games:  $100 per seat(For Families with Children in Both Programs)

Once we receive all applications we will do what we did in the Fall and review all of the requests and determine a maximum amount for each family, there is no right answer here but we have to try and be as fair as possible. For example if 1 family requests 8 passes, they may not be able to get all 8. Again, our capacity is very limited. Please know that these passes are only good for nights where there are home Varsity events. Throughout the season there are 9th and JV games that are scheduled with no Varsity game, these passes would NOT work for those games.  For any 9th/JV game by itself 300 attendance will never be a problem and we will sell tickets at the gate just like normal.($3/$5)

Also, we have always been very supportive of groups coming in to play/perform during halftimes of our games but given our current capacity limitations there is no way to allow any groups to play/perform at halftime. This is not because we do not value or support these groups, however, the bottom line is that given the current circumstances there is just no way to manage this situation and it is not fair to limit attendance to those who are attending to watch their son/daughter during the basketball games. I hope all of you will understand. Also, our Pep Band will not be playing at home games and our cheerleaders will not be traveling to away games, all a result of these limited capacity limits.

If you are not part of a basketball family, please do not reach out to us for tickets. Allow this process to play out and let’s all put the needs of these families first and not our own needs first. I 100% understand that both of our programs are going to be fun to watch and it should be a great year for both of these programs but 220 fans in our gym is not very many and we need to focus on the families!

Remember, our goal here is the safety and health of our athletes and families. This will not be a normal season in any stretch of the imagination but we have to choose to control what we can control in the safest way possible to hopefully allow our winter athletes to enjoy a season just like our fall athletes got to enjoy.